Dragonfly Class – Tuesday 14th July

Good morning all,

Here’s today’s activities:

  1. SpellingsHere are the word mats for each year group in KS2. This week I’d like you to gain confidence in the Y3/4 one then if you’ve cracked many on this list, start to look at some Year 5/6 words.

In Orange Bubble we are going to make a wordsearch with them!



2. Maths: White Rose Maths links can be found below. I’ve also added a block of work on My Maths for those of you who enjoy it too. Remember to watch the video and learn first!

Year 3


Year 3 Lesson-2-Answers

Year 3 Lesson-2-Add-and-subtract-capacity

Year 3 Video Links


Year 4


Y4 Lesson 2 – Complete a symmetric figure

Y4 Lesson 2 Answers – Complete a symmetric figure

Year 4 Video Links

Year 5


Y5 Lesson 2 Answers – Imperial units

Y5Lesson 2 – Imperial units

Year 5 Video Links

3. Reading : Enjoy your own reading books.

4. English: 

Bitesize – Bitesize English

Have a great Tuesday!

Miss Whit 🙂