Dragonfly Class – Thursday 9th July

Hi everyone!

I hope you’re all well on this soggy Thursday! I’ll be on my bike to school but don’t suppose I’ll be staying dry… I hope you have plans to get outside today too ☺️☔️💦

It’s music lessons with Mrs Hindson today – look out for the link below to see what lesson she has in store for you!

  1. SpellingsThis week’s lists are on the links below. Challenge: If you’re feeling confident on these, practise your Year 3/4 Spelling list (of approx 100 words in your Home Learning pack). 

Year 5 Spellings

Year 3 Spellings

Year 4 Spellings

2. Maths: White Rose Maths links can be found below. I’ve also added a block of work on My Maths for those of you who enjoy it too. Remember to watch the video and learn first!

Year 3

Year 3 Video Links

Y3 Lesson 4 – Measure capacity (2)

Y3 Lesson 4 Answers – Measure capacity (2)

Year 4

Year 4 Video Links

Y4 Lesson 4 Answers – Quadrilaterals

Y4 Lesson 4 – Quadrilaterals

Year 5


Year 5 Video Links

Y5 Lesson 4 – Translation

Y5 Lesson 4 Answers – Translation

3. Reading:  Check out Reading Eggs for this week’s book.

4. English: 

Writing Challenge!

As we near the end of the term, I’m going to set you a writing challenge each day  to try and produce different types of writing linked to genres we have covered in Dragonflies.

Watch this video:

Rio Olympics

Challenge 3:

Create a description of a creatures in the forest, developing show not tell before the reveal, for example describing the creatures eyes in the trees, their powerfully muscled shoulders covered in fur as black as the night before revealing it is a cheetah.

Other ideas:

Here is Mrs Hindson’s weekly schedule for Music:

Have a fabulous Thursday!

Miss you all,

Miss Whit xx