Dragonfly Class Thursday 21st May

Good morning Dragonflies,

I hope you are having a good week! I’m in school this week and have been looking at some of the work we have done this year… The Ancient Egyptian image poetry still looks fabulous on the wall!

Here are Thursday’s learning activities:

  1. Reading:  Look at Reading Eggs for your activity today.

2. Spellings: Access the link below for your year group and learn the set list. You could print the handwriting sheet OR present it in your Homework Pack.

Year 5 Spellings & Handwriting

Year 4 Spellings & Handwriting

Year 3 Spellings & Handwriting

3. Maths:

As I mentioned yesterday, there are My Maths activities if you would prefer this week. The usual White Rose tasks (which are brilliant for your learning) are below.

To access the related video, go to the usual White Rose page through the link below.  You will need to go to Summer Term week 5, day 1 today.

Year 5

Y5 Lesson 4 – Subtract mixed numbers

Lesson 4 Answers – Subtract mixed numbers 2019

Year 5 White Rose Maths

Year 4


Lesson 4 Answers – Fractions greater than 1 2019

Lesson 4 – Fractions greater than 1 2019

Year 4 White Rose Maths

Year 3 


Lesson 4 Answers – Count in tenths 2019

Lesson 4 – Count in tenths 2019

Year 3 White Rose Maths – for teaching clip

4. English: 

Here is Lesson 4 from Oak Academy.

Grammar Lesson

Other ideas for Thursday (well-spotted Matthew!):

  • TT Rockstars:  The Inter House Tournament Round 8 continues – your second match against each house! Play ‘Battle’ to earn your team points.
  • Complete activities from the week.

Have a great Wednesday,

Miss Whit 🙂