Dragonfly Class – Thursday 11th June

Morning all 🙂

To continue yesterday’s quiz, how about these:

  1. Name the continents of the world. Challenge: Name the major oceans.
  2. What are the planets of our Solar System? Challenge: In their order from the Sun…
  3. Capital cities Challenge: Name 10 (with their country!)

We’re back into school today with the Reception and Nursery children… can’t wait to see a few more faces and take another step back to ‘normal’. I’ll let you know how it goes 🙂

Here are today’s activities:

  1. English:


Y4 – using a thesaurus

Y5 – relative clauses

Grammar – Home Learning pack

2. Spellings: Learn your year group list below (feel free to have a look at other year groups). Challenge: can you identify any words that link to the spellings in your list? E.g. serious / seriously / seriousness

Y 5Handwriting Practice – Continuous Cursive

Y3 Handwriting Practice – Continuous Cursive

Y4 Handwriting Practice – Continuous Cursive

3. Maths: Access today’s White Rose worksheet below (print if you can) then once you’ve read through it, learn about the skills using the video link. Once done, check your answers!

Year 3: 

Year 3 Week 7 Video Links


Year 3 lesson 4 maths

Year 3 lesson 4 answers

Year 4:

Year 4 Week 7 Video links


Lesson 4 – Dividing 1 and 2 digits by a hundred

Lesson 4 Answers

Year 5:



4. Reading: Reading Eggs – continue the book I have put up on there… it will be there for you to continue reading until Sunday 🙂

Other ideas:

  1. PE: Continue working on the Virtual School Games activities!

School Games Competition

2. Music – Mrs Hindson’s activities can be found below!







Get everyone in your home to show you how they Bungalow!

2. I’ve been to Harlem (Day 6)


3. Don’t worry be happy


4. Aint gonna let nobody turn me around


5. Count your blessings


Something to think about



Listening and performing

Match the Rhythm and Note Name Games

In Match the Rhythm Game, can you copy the rhythm you hear?


Practice naming notes of the Staff with the Play Note Names game.



1.Go to https://www.shropshiremusicservice-charanga.org/yumu and log in.

2.Enter your own username and password (The school office has these)

Blown away. This is for Year 3 pupils.

Click on this. Learn to play each of the pieces in order and move on at your own pace when you are ready.

Assignments This is for Y4/5/6 pupils

Click on this. There are three lessons. Click on the one that applies to you. Learn to play each of the pieces in order and move on at your own pace when you are ready.


Extra Activity: How about entering Dr Hughes’ Composition Competition? For details see Shropshire Music service’s Facebook page. Closing date June 15th!

Have a great day.

Miss Whit 🙂