Dragonfly Class – Monday 8th June

Morning all 🙂

How have your weekends been? It seems to have flown by for me. I’ve had a couple of little runs with Briar – one where I heard a voice calling, “Hey Miss Whit!” Just in time I saw Archie waving – it was lovely to see him having fun outside but Briar had no intention of stopping! I hope you’ve all had something to smile about 🙂

Here are today’s activities:

  1. English: Here is your final lesson on News Reports to complete last week’s sequence of work. I look forward to seeing what you have been able to produce!

Final Lesson on News Reports

2. Spellings: Learn your year group list below (feel free to have a look at other year groups).

Y 5Handwriting Practice – Continuous Cursive

Y3 Handwriting Practice – Continuous Cursive

Y4 Handwriting Practice – Continuous Cursive

3. Maths: Access today’s White Rose worksheet below (print if you can) then once you’ve read through it, learn about the skills using the video link. Once done, check your answers!

Year 3: 

Year 3 Lesson 1

year 3 lesson 1 answers

Year 4:

Lesson 1 Answers – Tenths as decimals 2019

Lesson 1 – Tenths as decimals

Year 5:

Year 5 week 7 Lesson-1-Answers

Year 5 week 7 Lesson-1-Decimals-as-fractions-2

4. Reading: Did you know it is World Oceans Day today? For your reading activity, spend some time reading for information about this special day and see what you can find out. Her are a couple of great links to get you started:

World Oceans Day website

Twinkl – ocean day

Other ideas:

  1. PE: Usually on a Monday we have our PE lessons so make a good effort on some sporting activity to day if you can! How about a good walk or bike ride?

2. World Oceans Day: Having read about this event in your reading activity, can you now create a piece of art / craft to bring attention to World Ocean Day. I’m in school today however if I had the time at home I would try making a turtle puppet using the instructions from the puppetry website that Anouk shared last week.. You could create a persuasive video or a poster – it’s up to you.

Happy Monday,

Miss Whit 🙂