Dragonfly Class Monday 4th May – Star Wars Day

Good morning everyone!

I hope you are all well and enjoyed your weekends. Happy Star Wars Day! May the 4th be with you!

This week is a special week where many people will be commemorating VE Day. I wonder how much you know about it? As a school, we would like you to think about this special event and produce some work that can be shared – perhaps for a school display. Check out the activity menu below to see what projects you could be working on:

VE Day activity menu

Here are your other learning activities for today:

  1. Reading:  Try out these activities (feel free to make it easier or harder by trying different year groups!)

Year 4 ‘The Worst Witch’ with Rachel Riley

Year 5 The London Eye Mystery

  1. Spellings: Access the link below for your year group and learn the set list. You could print the handwriting sheet OR present it in your Homework Pack.

Year 5 Spellings

Year 4 Spellings Week 3

Year 3 Spellings Week 3

3. Maths: Complete the White Rose Maths activity for your year group.  It is slightly different now as they are only releasing the video for free and the worksheets have to be purchased.  The good news is that school have subscribed to this so the worksheet is attached below.  To access the related video, go to the usual White Rose page through the link below.  You will need to go to Summer Term week 3, day 1 today.

Year 5

Year 5 week 3 Lesson-1-Multiply-2-digits-area-model-2019

Year 5 week3 Lesson-1-Answers-Multiply-2-digits-area-model-2019

Year 5 White Rose Maths

Year 4

Day 1 Multiply 2 digits by 1 digit

Day 1 Answers

Year 4 White Rose Maths

Year 3 

Year 3 White Rose Maths – for teaching clip

Lesson 1 Convert pounds and pence

Lesson 1 Answers

4. English: 

Access and follow the Bitesize links below.

Year 4 Paragraphs

Year 5 Setting descriptions

Other ideas for Monday:

  • PE: 9am Joe Wicks workout. Also, improve your Standing Long Jump through these links:

Standing Long Jump Level 2


  • Languages: Spanish Supermovers – Try out this fun task! I know some of you found this chap a hoot last week!
  • TT Rockstars:  The Inter House Tournament Round 5/5 begins! Play ‘Battle’ to earn your team points.

Have a great Monday,

Miss Whit 🙂