Dragonfly Class – Monday 22nd June

Good morning Dragonflies,

It will be a very different day for me today as I’m welcoming lots of children back into class! I look forward to seeing some of your faces and seeing how much you’ve grown (and how your lockdown hairstyles are looking!)

In other news, I’ve had the BEST weekend! I returned home from school on Friday to find Andrew was acting very strange… he disappeared into the living room then reappeared a few minutes later with… A PUPPY!!! Oh my goodness. I’ve fallen in love with the little bundle of gorgeousness – I just need to find a nice name! Briar is not such a fan… she currently thinks we should send her back pronto – she’s far too little to be any fun to B at all! She’s a bit grumpy and jealous! I’ll get some pictures up soon 💛🐾

Here are today’s activities:

  1. SpellingsThis week’s lists are on the links below. Challenge: ask someone to test you on how many you know BEFORE you start learning them.


Year 3 Spellings & Handwriting

Year 4 Spellings & Handwriting

Year 5 Spellings & Handwriting

2. Maths: White Rose Maths links can be found below. I’ve also added a block of work on My Maths for those of you who enjoy it too. Remember to watch the video and learn first!

Year 3

Year 3 Video link

Y3 Lesson 1 – Right angles in shapes

Y3 Lesson 1 Answers – Right angles in shapes

Year 4

Year 4 Video Link

Y4 Lesson 1 – Pounds and pence

Y4 Lesson 1 Answers – Pounds and pence

Year 5


Year 5 Video Link

Year 5 Lesson-1-Subtracting-decimals

Year 5 Lesson-1-Answers

3. Reading Eggs: There is a task ready and waiting for you 🙂

4. English: Two options

1) Find today’s Bitesize activity

2) Follow the link below for Lesson 1/5 of the Oak Academy lessons this week on instruction writing.

Instruction Writing Lesson 1/5

Other ideas:

  1. PE: Usually on a Monday we have our PE lessons so make a good effort on some sporting activity to day if you can! How about carrying on with the Virtual School Games activities!
  2. School Games Competition

2. Design a bookmark  – in school today we will be thinking about making our own bookmarks to keep in class. Can you make your own original design?


Happy Monday,

Miss Whit 🙂