Dragonfly Class – Monday 13th July

Good morning all,

And here we are – our final week of term of this very bizarre year! You have all done brilliantly during this time and here in school we can’t wait to have you all back in September – it’s just not the same without each and every one of you.

Here’s today’s activities:

  1. SpellingsHere are the word mats for each year group in KS2. This week I’d like you to gain confidence in the Y3/4 one then if you’ve cracked many on this list, start to look at some Year 5/6 words.




2. Maths: White Rose Maths links can be found below. I’ve also added a block of work on My Maths for those of you who enjoy it too. Remember to watch the video and learn first!

Year 3


Year 3 Lesson-1-Answers-Compare-capacity

Year 3 Lesson 1

Year 3 Video Links

Year 4


Year 4 1-Lines-of-symmetry

Year 4 Lesson-1-Answers

Year 4 Video Links

Year 5


Year 5 Lesson-1-Answers-Metric-units

Year 5 Lesson-1-Metric-units

Year 5 Video Links

3. Reading : Enjoy your own reading books.

4. English: 

Bitesize – Bitesize English

Other ideas:

  1. PE: Get outside and enjoy an hour of exercise today! Ride your bike, have a run or fins a football and see how many keepy-uppies you can do!

Have a great Monday,

Miss Whit 🙂