Dragonfly Class – Monday 11th January

Good morning all,

I loved our ‘ chat’ on Friday morning – it was lovely to have so many of you get involved. Well done to those of you who had to persevere with technology – I hope you’ve managed to get these blips sorted. Thank you for staying muted unless I asked you to unmute (Teams runs better this way), great use of the ‘Raise / Lower Hand Buttons’ and good to see many of you use the ‘Chat’ option to communicate. Success!

Now hopefully lots of you are moving over to using Teams this week; I will continue to put the work on this website all week too just in case you’re having problems with Teams but hope to move over to Teams completely next week so do try and get used to using it!

We will be holding 3 daily meetings with some group lessons in ‘breakout rooms’ along the way.  We will have a catch up TEAMS meeting at 1pm today to discuss the morning’s work and to go through the afternoon task with a final TEAMS meeting at 2.45pm to say goodbye and see how your day has gone.  I have included a suggested timetable for how you could organise your learning below around the meeting and breaktimes.

Monday on Teams:

9.20am Morning meeting for all (approx 15 mins)

9.40am Year 3 Maths Group (if you usually complete Year 3 maths tasks, this is you! I will hopefully be technical enough to invite you into a Breakout Room….!)

1pm Afternoon meeting for all (approx 10 mins)

2.45pm End of day meeting for all (approx 10/15 mins)

NB: This schedule will increase as we all get used to using Teams. 

Your learning for today is below – enjoy!

1. Spellings

Spend 10 minutes revising the spelling list from last Tuesday (available on ‘Spellings’ page) – test tomorrow! Challenge: If you’re confident, learn two new words from your year group list below. 



2. Maths

There are new objectives today and a new powerpoint. To complete today’s activity you only need to look at the powerpoint on the ‘Varied Fluency’ slides. The ‘Reasoning and problem solving slides’ will help you tomorrow.

Remember – if you want to save on printing, you can read the questions on the screen then record your answers on paper ( a bit like in-class when you present your work in books).

Year 2 PPT-Make-Equal-Groups-Sharing

Year-2 Task – Make-Equal-Groups-Sharing

Year-3 PPT-Multiply-2-Digits-by-1-Digit-1

Year-3 Task Multiply-2-Digits-by-1-Digit-1

Year-4 PPT-Factor-Pairs

Year-4 Task Factor-Pairs

3. English – continued from Friday

Your task is to now write your story down; it can be handwritten or using the computer to type it if you prefer! You may add pictures (illustrations) too.

Don’t forget your challenges:

Year 2: Capital letters and full stop perfection please!

Year 3: Use expanded noun phrases (powers of 3) at least five times! e.g. the shadowy-brown, angry, grizzly bear.

Year 4: Start sentences with fronted adverbials at least three times (remember the comma) e.g: With an ear-splitting roar, the shadowy-brown, angry, grizzly bear began to chase Elliot and India. 

Whole class challenge: Include speech!

Here is a Bitesize link to learn about editing and improving: Editing & Improving

4. PE

Joe Wicks is delivering his home school workout three days a week this lockdown – you can access today’s work-out on his You Tube channel:

Joe Wicks You Tube Channel

Also, check out the School Games activity challenge I’ve posted in everyone’s class today.

5. Reading

Make sure you spend 20 minutes reading for pleasure today. If you already do this at bedtime, you may enjoy David Walliams Book Club which is happening at 11am today!


Remember – you can do these in any order, it’s up to you.

See you on Teams at 9.20am!

Miss Whit 🙂