Dragonfly Class – last day of term 🐣

We made it! Well done and thank you to each and every one of you have logged in to the school website to complete home learning activities over the past two weeks. We will have a little ‘break’ from our daily learning for Easter holidays, as we always do, and get back to lots more in a fortnight.

I’ve been sent some brilliant emails about what you’ve been up to – thank you for making this effort and keeping me entertained!

Here are your suggested activities for the day (based on our normal Friday timetable):

  1. Maths: Log into My Maths and complete today’s set activity (remember to aim for 100% by practising tasks if needed.
  2. English: Log into Reading Eggs and continue reading the set book.
  3. History: Time Capsule! We are currently living in a very strange time but one that will be remembered in history! You could begin to make a ‘time capsule’ – find an object that you could fill with things but made of a material that will last. What will you put in it? How will you remember these first weeks? What’s important to you? You could add to your time capsule as the weeks go on.

Other ideas for Friday:

  • PE: Make extra-special use of your exercise time to learn a new skill or spend extra energy! It’s brilliant for your mental health.
  • TT Rockstars:  The Inter House Tournament continues! Play ‘Battle’ to earn your team points.

Over Easter, TT Rockstars, Number Gym and all the programmes we use will still be available for you to use. But of course, there’s lots of other things to ‘learn’ – I’ve heard about children learning to make beds properly, doing the washing and even mastering their own ‘family meal’. Sounds like an eggstremely good thing to do, eggstraordinary use of your holidays!

Have a great fortnight – stay safe, be kind and share your smiles. I’m missing you very much – last day of Spring term is one of my favourites in school.

Enjoy 🐣

Miss Whit 🙂