Dragonfly Class – Friday 10th July

It’s Friday! Well done for logging in for another week and I hope you have lovely things planned for the weekend 😊Exciting news yesterday to hear recreational sports will be coming back – I’ve got my fingers crossed I’ll be playing netball again soon… What sports do you look forward to getting involved with?

Here are today’s activities:

  1. SpellingsLook at the spelling lists for your year group  and choose 5 to learn. 



2. Maths:

For Friday’s fun challenges, you can spend your time on TT Rockstars or exploring Number Gym.

4. English: ..


Writing Challenge!

As we near the end of the term, I’m going to set you a writing challenge each day  to try and produce different types of writing linked to genres we have covered in Dragonflies.

Watch this video:

Rio Olympics

Challenge 5:

Can you create a short story linked to the video… it could involve dialogue between the characters or a cliffhanger ending! Good luck.

Other ideas:

  1. Topic (Ancient Greece – Olympics!)

For a final project have a look at the links below; one shows you examples of Ancient Greek vases – you could carry out your own research to find out more about them.

Can you design your own Greek vase in this style? I’ve attached a template to help you if you need it.



Have a super weekend, missing you all very much.

Miss Whit