Dragonfly Class Arts Week 2022

We have had a fantastic Arts Week in Dragonfly Class looking at our focus country of India.  We have loved finding out about the country as well as creating some fantastic pieces of artwork using some new and sometimes, tricky techniques.  On Monday – Wednesday, we covered the following:

* We designed and made a silk painting of a the national flower of India, the lotus.  This was quite tricky as we needed very steady hands to apply the gutta outline and then use a different painting technique to apply the fabric paint.  The results are stunning!

*We looked at the technique of Sgraffito (from the Italian word for scratched) and used it to design beautiful decorated elephants by scraping away a wax layer from fabric in order to create grooves.  We then painted fabric paint onto the whole piece of fabric so that it went into the grooves.  Finally, Mrs Hollis ironed off all of the rest of the wax to reveal our fantastic designs.

*We used the technique of collage to create examples of silhouettes of Indian animals or landmarks and also very sparkly elephants too.

We are so proud of our artwork – please check out the posts for lots and lots of photos.

Oh, and we had fun dressing up too!