Celebration Assembly & Worship led by Ffion & Lily

Lily and Ffion led our Celebration Assembly and Worship this morning.


Golden Book

Congratulations to Billy (6th Award) and Lily S (20th Award) for earning a place in the Golden Book for class work.


Jamie – for perseverance and bravery in learning and performing drums to over 200 people

Charlie P – for perseverance and overcoming his worries

Max E – Wisdom in helping others to learn

Eva (Hedgehogs) – friendship to all

Oli (Owls) – showing respect in his listening

Skyler & Tyler – writing effort

Yellow Belt for Alfie

Congratulations to Alfie for earning his Yellow Belt in martial arts from MD Warriors; keep it up Alfie!


Finally, we shared our work on Remembrance and the Year 4 Festival of Culture trip.