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Owl Class Homework and Spellings – Week commencing 12th November 2020


This week Owl class I’d like to start by saying an enormous well done and give you all a pat on the back for the perseverance and resilience you have shown during our Maths focus over the last few weeks … wait for it …. drum role please … Yes .. I’m talking about Long Division.

I know it has been tough but with practice and the herculean levels of patience demonstrated by you all I have seen what can only be described as a technicolour display of lightbulbs as the ‘ah’ moment has taken hold!

This is the last week of long division .. until next term that is. So this week I am giving you some previous SAT Maths questions (for you too Year 5 – The SATs test everything covered in KS2!) with the answers attached at the end. (Please follow the link to access).

The whole paper should take no more than 50 minutes; you can choose to take in a number of sittings or you can do all in one go if you prefer. But please don’t take more than 50 minutes you need to do some relaxing too!


Whilst on the subject of homework I wonder if I could just give a gentle reminder to all Owls; Homework is due in on Wednesdays, this is so we have enough time to mark and file before the next set goes home. We’ve also become conscious of the fact that some children are not submitting their homework on consecutive weeks. Whilst we appreciate that there are times and events which mean it is just not possible and understand this we do feel that this important part of your learning is essential and is also essential in order to help you prepare for your future learning; especially those of you in Year 6! Therefore as of next week I will be holding a Homework Catch up session during Friday lunch times (after you’ve eaten of course) for all those who have not submitted their homework (that is unless of course you have made contact with me beforehand!).

And finally, spellings.

Year 5

Year 6

Congratulations to this week’s super spellers:

Brilliant work all!
Thank you all once again for your continued support of your child and of us.
x Mrs Henney

Owl Class Spellings – Week commencing

Next week is your time to shine Owl class!

As it is Assessment week I will not be giving new spellings out. However, spellings will be assessed during some of your assessment papers next week.

I will set the next set of spellings next week which will then be tested on Thursday 5th November (The first Thursday back after half term).

x Mrs Henney

Owl Class Homework – Week commencing 2.10.20

Well done everyone for their fantastic homework last week. I think you are really grasping the use of fronted adverbials – brilliant!

This week we will recap the work we have been doing in maths on Factors and multiples. Please complete thefollowing worksheet Reasoning and Problem Solving. There are three levels of difficulty: D, E, GD. Please select your own level of challenge.

Please forward completed work to myself or Nikki in the office. If you are able to scan and send your work to me this way that is fantastic. If not a photograph of the worksheet will also be fine. If none of these are options then again, please just let me know!

Again, parents and carers thank you for your support.  If you have any suggestions as to how we can improve our Homework or have any queries please do get in touch!

Have a wonderful weekend,

Mrs Henney

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