A very special weekly Celebration Assembly

We had a very special Celebration Assembly at St John’s today.

Lowri’s Award

We were all very honoured today as Lowri proudly brought in an award and letter which recognised the incredible act of organ donation by Lowri’s mum, Nicola, following her passing last year. Lowri showed us the precious award by appointment of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and read the accompanying letter to explain how Nicola’s organs had been used to help an incredible five other people. Thank you Lowri for sharing this; we are very proud of you in every way.



Eva G – for always listening beautifully

Lottie – for excellent English descriptive writing

Chloe – for always showing a positive attitude

Sam (Rabbits) – for great vocabulary in english

Devon – for always doing your best

Sophia – for always doing her best

Ella (Rabbits) – excellent diary entry writing

Jess M – excellent discussion in maths

Lily – for helping Bella to get ready for forest school

Amelia – for helping Sophia take her jumper off

Chloe, Dan, Charlie L, Jack – French superstars

Hannah B – during wet play Hannah chose carry on with work!

Arthur D – fantastic singing in worship

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Violin Exams

Lottie & Owen both achieved their Grade 1 from Trinity College, London. What an achievement! Well done to both of you.



Our team were congratulated for a great effort this week as they picked up golf clubs for the first time and had a go at Tri-Golf! The Year 3&4 team finished 4th whilst the Year 5&6 team came 2nd. Well done for getting stuck in and picking up new skills so quickly.