Wedding of the year in Ruyton!

On Friday, the whole school joined in with the royal wedding celebrations by hosting our own wedding and street party! Hedgehogs led a beautiful ceremony in our new sensory garden, whilst Year 5 revealed their latest maths project: a paper wedding cake made to size! Much to everyone’s delight, beneath the paper creation hid Mrs Ball’s delicious sponge cake which Arthur and Ella (our bride and groom) enjoyed cutting with Arthur’s sword! Finally, the ‘best crowns’ were chosen from an array of creative designs! All the children, staff and parent helpers had brilliant fun and lots of laughter in our wedding outfits. Thank you to all. ABFF26FD-B0B0-449B-A77D-8AA151206E56 7689F383-385C-436C-86FC-971A262197B6 0973DDC3-AF3B-4882-BAA4-817A378F09C3 36A781E1-BD0B-452B-A102-9DDCBA5AEB27 CEE14CCD-532F-44F1-9EA6-D7EFE33FE953 D66A1E01-14B6-4BDF-865D-69E6AB9579F6 2510E934-7E9B-41CA-A350-FCAB5F7F3F34 7AF2BCD5-73E6-4F02-A352-FCCD789ABBEA 8BBF19D7-D81B-41B3-A27C-F6E8FDE78C0F 120FC735-EAF8-4336-8084-563F4C5CEA42 7E99FA04-8BEE-48BB-8D7D-F7464AA56675 56C0C87D-9EA3-4136-8D2A-03E9462AD841 1958759F-4D38-4221-B340-7DFE8A05E6DE 4EFF7D77-8D34-4D51-AA39-5E60D722BEE7 1BE8795A-49F2-427C-9608-E94C8B0BB962 4A6FC7CE-4016-4570-A8E4-78FE081BDE82 CEAB19D3-666A-44CE-A09D-4B60E11ED462 C4E00DBD-5A07-4348-9BAE-9F088126C60A

See the school website for photos