Visit to Café Eleven

Following the children’s interest of role playing in our ‘Bumblebees café’, we decided to visit a real life Café!
The children were very excited to go to Café Eleven in the village.
First we sat and watched Karen serve all of the people in the Café, we saw her preparing food, making coffee and taking money then putting it in the till.
We then got to read some magazines whilst we waited to place our order.
We were very excited to go up to the counter and have a look at all the food on display and then place our order. We all had Hot Chocolate and Oreo’s, they were delicious!
Karen then showed us some coffee beans which we got to hold and smell, she then showed us what it looked like after it was ground down into a coffee powder, we loved the feel and the smell of it.
After finishing our Hot Chocolate we got to have a look at everything that the Café sells. We learnt lots and had a great afternoon !