Thoughtful Thursday

Thoughtful Thursday


Hi 👋 everyone!!


As you may of noticed Mrs Viner has completely lost track of the days, so this week instead of Well-Being Wednesday, we are having Thoughtful Thursday!


Now this leads me on to how to except that we all make mistakes, its what we do next that matters!


So, when I realised that I had completely forgotten to send out my Well-Being Wednesday message, I might of thought, “Oh well, its too late now!”


But instead I thought, “How can I make this right?”


Making mistakes is how we learn, and excepting that we have made a mistake is how we grow!


This week I would like you to think of a time when you made a mistake. Think about how you felt when you made the mistake? Did you own up to your mistake? How did you feel once you put your mistake right?


I hope you all get chance to enjoy the sunshine! ☀️


Mrs Viner 😊