This week in Hedgehog Class

This week we have been learning all about 2D and 3D shapes. The children have been naming the shapes and describing them using mathematical vocabulary such as faces, corners, flat, solid and of course the shape names – circle, square, triangle, rectangle, sphere, cube, cuboid, cone, pyramid and cone. Some of the children have been looking at pentagons, hexagons and octagons too.

Our writing has focused on the characters in The Three Little Pigs, their character traits, personalities and we even created a whole ‘life’ for Mr Wolf. The children decided his name is Matt and you better watch out because they think he lives in Oswestry!

In science we explored caring for teeth and in design technology Year 1 compared tins of fruit salad!

Once again Forest School was a big hit with everyone.

Have a lovely weekend and see you on Monday!

Mrs Johnson 😊👋9E75B6BC-9117-4D28-A0EA-E05BC14A24ED 1D9F34CA-72BB-47F6-9461-0291EA7F11B6 37565B9E-C843-412B-9434-E4F1B7BC1DEC A4E21509-DC6B-408B-A99A-8A753C952E82 3CD278A9-90FB-4839-B2AE-1C723484788D E3FEF8FF-29BA-4118-979E-B0854F08D7B0 035ECECF-559B-42AE-8D7F-566F7D5FA74E D46BAA44-9B3D-4564-9CED-59FA6C9F79D2