Taking Risks

The children in Bumblebees have recently taken an interest in playing with our play tools. They enjoy pretending to ‘fix’ all of our toys and spend lots of time in our role play area fixing the table and chairs. We have recently extended this play by including hammers and golf tees with our playdough tools, and the children have been using ‘Tap a picture’ play kits.

Today we built on the children’s interest even more by using real hammers and nails. We discussed the risks with the children and they decided it would be best to hit the nail really gently, just in case !
Taking risks during play helps to develop children’s critical thinking skills and risk management, as they begin to understand simple ways of keeping themselves safe.

The children were all very sensible and really enjoyed taking risks, safely.

Laith – ‘ my best thing today was hammering’
Lottie – ‘I liked hammering the nails into the wood’
James – ‘The hammer was very cold and heavy’
Tommy – ‘My Dad use hammer’
Nancy – ‘ I put the nails in the logs’
Elsie – ‘I was banging the wood’