Ruyton Superstars

St John’s children showed the true spirit of sportsmanship this morning at Clive Cross Country. An impressive field of 21 runners from our school completed a tough mile-long course – five children participating for the first time. Although we didn’t place in the top three of the overall schools competition, our Year 5/6 girls won their team event whilst several of our runners had high placing finishes. Tim and Jack Viner placed 1st and 3rd in the fun run too!

However, our real success came from the team spirit and camaraderie of our children. Alfie and Emily (Year 6) both deserve commending for the care they showed teammates who had fallen / needed help; Alfie and Emily both forgot their own race, stopped / went back and supported their friends (before continuing and completing the races successfully!)

Ruyton children; you are brilliant, I’m so proud of you. Thank you for a fantastic Saturday morning – Miss Whit 🙂

See the school website for photos

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