Rabbits Home Learning for Wednesday 8th July

Good Morning Rabbits

We will carry on with our Pollution Project today.  I also have some maths tasks and games for you to work on.

To begin:  Spellings:  you had some spelling words this week that are either plural (more than one of the thing) or past tense (doing something in the past) .  Please write out a sentence for each of the words and make sure you are using the correct tense.

Maths:  you have been looking at using your maths brains to solve problems.  Today, I would like you to access Oxford Owl  and do some maths on line – please check in with your year group.  There are on line games relating to adding, shape and missing numbers.  Pick two games that look interesting.


English:  I have a few grammar exercises for you to do first.  You need to click the link and complete the sheets.


Today, I am going to re-visit the Literacy Shed for another lovely little film that you will uses as writing inspiration.  The film deals with our topic this week.


This lovely little film relates to our attitudes about pollution.

Task 1:  Write down a bullet point list of the things that the girl finds in the film.

Task 2:  Write down a bullet point list of the things that she gets out of her bag.

Task 3: Draw a picture of one of the scenes that you particularly liked.  This might show something that the girl did, or something magical that her bag was able to do.

Topic:  Making a swap for the amount of plastic you use is a bit of a challenge.  Can you have a think about what you use – and you cannot live without – but that comes in plastic wrappers, containers or protection.  Here are some things

Milk, juice, water, eggs, fruit,

lego, toys, dolls, x box

What else can you think of?   My children would not be happy if I said they cannot have an X Box game (that comes in a plastic case) or lego (which is entirely plastic).  We can’t do without it – but what can we do to avoid pollution?

Make a list of the things that you CAN replace and those that you can’t.

I now buy my eggs with paper based cases not plastic – what other changes can you make?

Now for your challenge:  You are going to invent a way to wrap and present your favourite toy or game and NOT USE PLASTIC.

You can use – Glass, Rubber, Paper, Card, Cloth, Cotton or any other material that is natural (such as leaves or bark).

Draw your designs or describe them and how you would package the toy using no plastic at all.


I hope you have a fun thinking about this!


Mrs Cooke