Rabbits Home Learning for Wednesday 1st July

Good Morning Rabbits – Happy Middle of the Week Day!

Today we will continue the writing task based on the short film – Little Boat.

We will have a look at the maths that are set on Bitesize and do some more reading from the short stories that I found on line.

Grammar:  Please can you do some short grammar tasks from the attached sheet that I have created.  You have to add a time phrase to the sentences:

Grammar Task

English:  yesterday, you wrote a part of the story and wrote a transition paragraph.  Today, you are going to focus on using speech in your story.

I would like you to use the speech bubble sheet (attached) and make some suggestions of what the boat would be thinking as it makes its way through the dark sea, the sea filled with rubbish and then when she gets broken and battered.  Think of a few sentences that might express how it feels.

thought bubbles

Can you then watch the very short part where the seagulls fly past and mend the sails.  Can you write a few sentences to explain what they did – how this helped the boat and what the boat might have thought.

Maths: bbc bitesize has a maths lesson for either year 2 or year 3.

If you prefer, I have included these maths-based challenges that you could do.

outdoor maths game

PSHE – More ideas for today are to think about how we can keep ourselves staying positive and happy.

Mrs Viner is excellent at giving us ideas for keeping well in our minds.  This is another way to do some ‘Self-Care’ to keep you positive.

Write a list:

You need a large piece of paper and a lot of coloured pens or pencils.

You need to write two columns (so draw a line down the middle of the paper)

One one side you are going to write “THINGS I KNOW”  and on the other side “THINGS OTHER PEOPLE TELL ME”

In the first column, you are going to list all the things that you KNOW you are good at doing, or you are good at being.  You could add anything that is positive and that is something you are aware of for yourself.

In the second column, you are going to write a list of all the things other people tell you that are positive.  Your parents will be telling you things all the time about how special you are, how wonderful you are, what lovely hairy you have etc.  You need to remember all the lovely things that people say about you – include your friends and me!  I have said some good things about all of you too.

Your list should be colourful, LONG and full of positive things about you.

When you finish the list – decorate the page and turn it into a picture by adding a pretty border.

Keep this and keep looking it at it.  You might persuade someone else in your family to make one too – Mums and Dads need plenty of encouragement you know!


Have a super day

Mrs Cooke.