Rabbits – Home learning for Tuesday 30th June

Goodness me Rabbits – its the end of June!

How are you?  All well and ready to work today?  You are doing so well sticking with this home learning.  So for today – here are your tasks:

Reading:  I am keen that you all keep on with your reading books – but I have found these lovely stories for you to read – select the level of difficulty that you think you would like to have.  *  **  ***

*  https://www.shortkidstories.com/story/cookie-crumbs/

**  https://www.shortkidstories.com/story/a-full-moon-goes-bananas/

*** https://www.shortkidstories.com/story/hummingbirds/

English:  To continue work from the plan that you made yesterday, we are going to construct the first part of the narrative.

BEGINNING:  you write the following paragraphs:

1:  A description of the boat, and where it is sailing at the start.  You could write this from the boat’s perspective – remember you need to use “I”  if you are doing that.

Add sentences that describe how the boat moves – think about using adjectives and verbs – how it moves might be described by the direction, the motion that it has in the water, or you could think about how the boat might ‘feel’ if it is a character – is it a brave boat?  Is it a curious boat – adventurous?

2:  A narrative of where the boat would like to travel, or where it is likely to travel.  You put this part of the language into future tense “the boat might go to ….. the boat will travel to ….. the boat will be ……”

3:  A third paragraph to transition between the first location of the boat’s journey and what happens next.

PLEASE DON’T DO ANY MORE!  I have a plan for tomorrow which needs you to stop where you are now.

Maths:  BBC Bitesize lesson is set for today.

Maths Games:  I have also found this activity which might be fun if you like doing extra maths.  https://thirdspacelearning.com/blog/fun-maths-games-activities-for-kids/#13-3-best-outdoor-maths-games-and-activities-to-do-at-home-

PSHE – Health

You were thinking about skin and learning about soap yesterday.  Today we are going to do more about health but this is about exercise.

We have been doing Joe Wicks through the holidays and I am also doing this curious kids’ workout now some of the children are back at school – have a look:

For today – I would like you to design a great work out around the house.  You don’t need to stay in one place, but you need to use your home in interesting ways.

For example, climbing up and down stairs is great exercise for your large muscles in your legs and bottom and tummy.

Plumping cushions and pillows is great for your arms.

Sweeping or mopping is excellent for pectoral muscles (in your chest) and your back.

SO … please have a look around your home (and outside) and complete a work out routine that has 9 different exercises.

When you have the exercises planned you need to fill in the chart attached with the details.  You can then share this with your friends!

Exercise Log

I have added my own exercise idea to start you off.

Have fun today.

Mrs Cooke.