Rabbits – Home Learning for Tuesday 23rd June

Good Morning Rabbits

I hope you are all well and ready for some great learning today.

Brainteaser:  please have a go at this – how can you work out the answer?

How many squares can you see

Grammar:  Have a go at completing this task:  You can select the level you think best suits you.  Differentiated Activity Sheet Expanded Noun Phrases

English:  This activity is for you to use some of your imagination and referring to a wild animal, write a Haiku poem.  Watch this instruction video to help you to understand about these types of poems.


Now you can plan your own.  Use this sheet to help you assemble your ideas:

Haiku Planning Sheet

Haiku Rules Poster

Can you begin to write your Haiku?  What would your animal be – I might write one about an Eagle as they are my favourite wild animal.

Maths:  I have the following work sheets for your to do today:  If you prefer, you can access the BBC Bitesize Maths lesson.

Year 2 maths lesson

Year 3 maths lesson

Project:  we will continue today with the investigations into wierd and wonderful creatures.  Yesterday you were beginning some diary notes – as if you were an explorer.  Today, you are going to continue with this for one new animal species:

Please look at the youtube clip and make notes on the details about this animal.

Now you can write up your next diary entry as if you are the explorer who has first discovered these crazy creatures!

Now look at this piece of information about an amazing man who lived a long time ago.  He was called Lord Rothschild and he lived in a huge mansion in Tring which is in England, close to London.  He was quite mad, and had lots of amazing animals roaming on his lawn.  Look at the photographs in the link below.


I would like you to have a go at drawing the lawn at Tring Park – I have put a link to the photographs that are of the grounds now – I would love you to add drawings of some wildly weird animals that you would like to have striding around your lawn if you were living here.

I hope you enjoy your learning today.  Let me see the lovely things that you have been doing!

Mrs Cooke.