Rabbits Home Learning for Tuesday 14th July

Good morning Rabbits – are you ready for a bit more work today?

I know that I have not set spellings for this week – would not normally do spelling tests on the last week of term.  Please try to remember the words that you have been learning this term – ready for starting back in September!

Wake Up Task:  A handwriting exercise to get you wide awake.  I have found this piece of writing and think it is very appropriate for the time of year.  Please copy it in your best handwriting and then you can decorate the page.

Though May did bring her deepest grey
And June did bring her gloom,
I woke this morn in a glorious way
To Sunshine in my room.

Quick, get up,
It’s time to rise.
Greet the day.
I started to cry.

For today,
It has begun.
It’s finally here,
The summer sun!

Feel her warmth,
See my garden grow,
Taste the sweetest fruits,
Watch the butterflies flow.

Hear the squirrels chatter
And my orioles swoon
Till the evening comes
With the summer moon.

It seems like I’ve waited
Such a very long time,
Longing for the light of
Your rays of sunshine.

So please stay a while.
Bring your long, lazy days.
I’ll cherish each blue sky
And ride every wave.

Oh, how I love summer
And all of her songs,
Happy summer to all,
And may it be long!

Source: https://www.familyfriendpoems.com/poem/oh-how-i-love-summer

English:  There is another lesson today on bbc bitesize.  www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize.

Maths:  here are the maths pages for your lessons today on Time and Capacity.

Year 2 Lesson-2-Hours-and-days Year 3 Lesson-2-Add-and-subtract-capacity

Reading:  Here is a short piece of text that tells you more about GEODES.


There are some tricky words there – CHRYSTALS (you say cris-tals)  QUARTS (you say kwartz)

Diamonds are often made into jewellry – do you know if any of your adult relative have diamonds?  Sometimes you have a diamond ring when you are engaged to be married.

Can you find some pictures (or the real thing) showing different stones and crystals that are in jewels – you could look at the picture of the Koh-i-noor which is the biggest diamond found – it is now in the Queen’s Crown.  See if you can find pictures of Sapphires, Rubies, Emeralds or even Pink Diamonds.

Can you find any other names of precious stones on this wordsearch?

rocks and minerals wordsearch