Rabbits – Home Learning for Friday 3rd July

Good morning Rabbits and Happy Friday!

Today we will finish off some writing based on Little Boat. You will do some maths and a spelling task plus some music.

Spelling:  with your spelling words I would like you to create a crossword. You write out one of the words and use the letters in that word to write the next one – that made no sense?  Well look at the attached document (using different words) and see what I mean.


Maths:  Please have a go at the maths sheets – you can time yourself to see how much you can do in 10 minutes.


English:  I would like you to complete some expanded noun phrases linked to Little Boat. You can make up your own sentences but they need to have the following:

A noun (the boat, monkey, soldiers, sea)

A verb (sailing, drifting, playing, fighting, hanging, flying)

A positional phrase (towards the …  behind the … from the … behind the …)

Two adjectives to describe the noun

Please also look at this attached sheet:  Time Conjunctions

MUSIC:  I have the links here to the lessons provided by Mrs Hineson.  I hope you enjoy your day.

Mrs Cooke.

Music for home schooling WB June 29th