Rabbits Home Learning for Friday 26th June

Good Morning – and it’s FRIDAY!

Time for some spelling tests, some times tables tests and some grammar tests!  (What?  URGGHHHH? But I thought you liked tests!)

Spellings:  I would like you to create a wordsearch please.  Write the spelling words (correctly!) and jumble them inside other letters.  These are all animal words so you could give the clues at the bottom with a description of each of the animals in the list.

English:  For today can you continue with the film that you watched on Wednesday but for today I would like you to write a story plan.  You need a piece of blank paper and you will watch the film again – then plot out the key points in the story.  Beginning, the next part, the way the characters develop, the key moment and then how the story winds down to the end.  Please plot this on your piece of paper using words but some sketches if you wish.  It is important that you understand the way that the story takes a journey.

Maths:  I hope you did well with the on line games yesterday.  For today I have set some maths tasks on the following links:


PWO_Age_6_7_measuring  Year 2

PWO_Age_7_8_addition_subtraction  Year 3

Project:  Final Day.

You should have some journal entries about the strange animals that you have discovered.  I also asked you to answer some questions from watching films and then to make crazy animal creatures from pictures.

For today:  The zoos in England and Wales have struggled during this lock-down as they are very expensive to run and then need to keep their animals well fed, safe, comfortable, clean and healthy.  I know that Chester Zoo and Borth Zoo both struggled with not having enough money at times.

Your task for today is this …  Think about the most wonderful zoo you could imagine – what would it have?  What animals would you want in your zoo?  How would you feed them?  How would you keep them happy?

I would like you to make a brochure, or a poster all about your amazing zoo.  You can look at the websites for other zoos if you like – Whipsnade is also amazing.

Your brochure / poster needs to tell the reader all about the variety of animals that you have – where they come from and how you make them feel at home in your zoo.

Think about what images you will include on your brochure.

Think about what is important to you about the animals – is it the rare animals?  Is it ensuring they don’t go extinct?

Have a good time imagining the perfect home for these animals.

I hope to hear from you with your ideas and examples of work.


Mrs Cooke.