Rabbits Home Learning for Friday 24th April

Happy Friday everyone (but I will admit, I had to check the day!)  It is very easy to lose track of the time and the days at the moment I am finding.

So for today, how about some fun outside?

Maths: I know that you were excellent at making tally charts and I want you to do a tally chart that can go into your newspaper.  Please draw a chart that has 5 rows (going across) and 3 columns (going down).  Your chart has to be used to tally the different types of flowers or plants, trees or shrubs or any living thing that you can see in your garden or when you are on your walk outside.  I have one that I have completed myself:  Mrs Cooke’s Tally Chart

If you can complete this – you could even do a pictogram of the wildlife in your garden and see what you can tell from this – I need to have more birds and butterflies so I need to plant some more flowers and put out some bird seed.  See what your garden is like.

The White Rose maths task is set for today and is good for you to do when you are inside.  If you look on MyMaths I have set some more simple practice tasks for you to do if you want to keep busy.

English:  I would love to read some of your post card stories and hope that you had some fun with these yesterday.  For English today, I would like you to look at the BBC Bitesize English lesson for either year 2 or year 3.  I will also ask for some writing to be done later for your project.

Reading: if you can access the site https://www.storylineonline.net/books/lotus-and-feather/.  There are many stories read by actors and authors but I have chosen this one for today called Lotus and Feather – it is a sweet story.

  • Can you remember what the lake was like at the start of the story?
  • Why was Lotus so lonely?
  • Why do you think the children began to be friends with Lotus again?
  • Can you remember how the writer described the crane?
  • Do you think the birds will return each year from then on?

Project:  To finish off your weekly newspaper today, I would like you to do some more English.  I would like you to gather 10 words that relate to your home learning this term.  I will start you off:  Tally Chart   Globe  Earth  Weather  Reading

You will then have to copy or print of the grid that I have included here:  You are going to create a word search of your own, put one letter in each square – you can read the words downwards, upwards, left to right or right to left.  Don’t forget to put the words at the bottom so that your family can find them when you have completed the grid.  Put all of the words into the grid then fill in the missing squares with random letters to confuse everyone!  Have fun.  WORDSEARCH

Finally:  Can you please write your own version of the story Lotus and Feather.  Make it quite short but please include some of the lovely descriptions that you heard or saw on the film.  You can take your time over this and maybe do some work on it next week – you might like to illustrate your story.