Rabbits – home learning for Friday 22nd May

Good morning Rabbits and welcome to the end of the week and the half term!

I know it is a bit strange to think we are on half term next week – but we all need a holiday from things that we are doing – even if we are mostly home and not going to school or work.  Your parents probably need half term break too!

Spellings: So for today, I have a spelling test for you to do – select the correct spelling for each of the words and then check with the original list please.  Please open the Spellings page.

English:  BBC Bitesize have a nice lesson for you.

Maths:  I have a maths test for you – nothing too awful but it should be good to test your knowledge.

Maths Assessment Year 2 Fractions

Y3 maths assessment fractions

Reading: I have this comprehension task for you to do – read through and answer the questions.  Comprehension Task

Project: it is the last day of your food project and I have loved seeing the different things that you have all been doing this week.  Well done all of you for taking so much care with your work.

So I have have included a short clip from a wonderful film called “Cloudy With Meatballs”  my children watched this so many times when they were little.  Your job is to do exactly what the hero does in the story – to create a food machine that can make your favourite foods by simply pressing buttons.  I would love you to design this on paper and put in the various elements that you would need such as rolling pins if you are making pastry or flat bread – blenders if you are mixing herbs or fruits – some way of picking herbs and spices to make your food taste good.  The design can be as mad as you like – but you must also call it something!

Your machine has to be able to make a range of foods and you need to include the list on your design.

I really hope that you have fun with this project and you are able to use your creative brains to come up with some amazing things.

Have a super-duper half term everyone.  Have fun at home and I look forward to being in touch with you all in June.

Mrs Cooke