Rabbits – home learning for 9th June

Good Morning Rabbits

I hope you are all well.  Maybe you are doing the Jo Wicks work-out each day?  I have been doing it on some of the days – it is quite a challenge!  I have also been doing Yoga and going on a long walk each day to stay fit.  Let me know what you are doing – bike riding, sailing, running.

Spellings:  the words are tricky this week but worth learning as they all fit with the theme of sports.

English:  You can either access the bbc bitesize lesson today – or you can continue with the plans for a story and look at the attachment for creating a character profile.

Character Profile

It is always fun to imagine your own story characters and to plan what they would be like and what they would do.  Use this sheet to help gather up your wonderful ideas.

Maths:  I have set some daily work on my maths if you are happy to follow that programme, but here are the tasks for today on the Whiterose – more fractions for both year 2 and year 3.

Year 2 lesson 2 answers

Year 2 Lesson 2 maths

Year 3 lesson 2 answers

year 3 lesson 2 maths

Project:  Yesterday, I asked you to create a front page for the project and design a sports pitch using your fractions.  Today, I would like you to make up a sports game all of your own.  You can then set out the rules of the game using bullet points, and the purpose of the game.  Please include the following things in your planning list or mind map.

  • A pitch, surface, field or court where the game is played
  • The number of players that are in each team
  • The bat, club or other thing that is used to hit the ball (or whatever object they hit)
  • A ball or object to hit
  • A goal of some type
  • You need a good name for your sport and then you can write out the rules that you decide.

Remember:  J K Rowling made up the game of Quidditch for her Harry Potter books.  Here is a short clip for you to watch:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1A6z7R-aaDw

Other authors have made up sports in their books:  Can you find out the name of the race in Alice in Wonderland?  use this to help:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j8MUMO1RJws

I hope you have fun inventing a new sport!

See you tomorrow

Mrs Cooke