Rabbits – Home Learning for 19th May

Good Morning Rabbits

I hope you had fun thinking about food yesterday!

English:  Please do the bitesize lesson today.  www.bbc.bitesize/homelearning

Maths:  Here are the links for the maths lessons for today.

Year 2 lesson 2 answers

Year 2 Lesson 2

Year 3 lesson 2 answers

Year 3 lesson 2

Reading:  I have selected another set of reading comprehensions related to food – these are for you to practice your comprehension and reading skills.   Viking Food and Cooking Questions               Viking Food and Cooking

Project:  To continue our project today I am going to get you to design a menu for your own restaurant.  This should be simple enough – except … I need you to write out a perfectly beautiful menu with your very best handwriting. You need to include starters or small portions of food, a main course and some puddings or dessert.  Ideally, you will write about 4 or 5 items for each.  I have included some menu blanks to use – or you can design your very own.  This is a handwriting task to begin with.

Food Borders

Design: I now want you to get thinking about pasta.  Pasta is an Italian food made from flour, eggs and water (and a bit of salt) but they make it into amazing shapes.  I would like you to look at this page of different pastas and then design your own shape.  This needs to be something that is personal to you – for example – I like Angels and Eagles so I might make wing-shaped pasta.  You could think about your favourite things and design the shape then create a picture of the pasta (so you need to repeat the design several times).  If you were able – you could even try to make your own pasta – recipe and method is included.

pasta pictures

I would like you to do a little bit of maths – imagine that you are preparing a plate full of your fabulous pasta for yourself and your family – how many of the pieces would you need?  You need to work out how large they are – and then work out how many would fit onto a plate.  If you draw around a plate – then draw your pasta shape and cut it out, then work out roughly how many times it will fit on the plate.