Rabbits – home learning for 16th June

Good Morning Rabbits

Welcome to Tuesday’s learning

Thinking Task:  I have another task for you to wake up the brain cells this morning:

How many word problems can you write that use division.

E.g.  I have 12 sweets and 2 friends to share them with. How many sweets does each person get?

English:  You have a choice, either access the BBC Bitesize or you can continue with Oak Academy’s lesson for today. Remember to click on your own year group.


Maths:  I have a different task for your today – please see the links.  Each link has several pages – you need only do one page each day – I will add the same link for the next 3 days.

Year 2 Maths

Year 3 Maths

Project:  We are looking at some parts of A Midsummer Night’s Dream.  You have designed costumes for some of the characters.  Today, I would like you to design some settings for the story.  You can do this in any way you like – a sketch or drawing, or you might do a 3D scene if you are able.  You could even do a collage using different pictures from newspapers or magazines.  Use your own imagination.

The various settings for the play are these:

A palace where the Duke and Duchess live.  It is in Athens (Greece) and has a very large garden.

A woodland or forest where the fairies live.  The King and Queen (Oberon and Titania) live there and it is magical.

A Town in Greece – very beautiful with white marble statues.  The workmen gather there to rehearse a play that they are going to perform.

You can select any of the settings (or all 3 if you wish) and design these for your project today.

I hope you have fun!

Mrs Cooke