Rabbits – Home learning for 10th June

Good morning – is it really the 10th of June already?

Maybe this morning you should start with a big THANK YOU! to whoever is working with you doing your on-line schooling – Mum or Dad, big sister or brother or maybe you are on your own?  Well take a minute to say thank you to anyone who is helping you.

So on with the work:  Here is a little starter activity to get your gray cells working!  Alphabetical Order – Alphabetical order

English:  Again, stick with bitesize if you prefer, or continue with your work towards creating a story. You should have some ideas on character, plot and today you are ready to write out your first ideas.

Plan the first paragraph with the following things:

  • Setting – where it is – what does your setting look like?
  • What will be happening?  What characters need to be in the first part of the story?
  • Use some fronted adverbial phrases, (later that day, first thing that morning, slowly and steadily ….)

Maths:  here are the lessons for today on white rose – you could also look on My Maths if you fancy a change!

Year 2 lesson 3 answers

Year 2 lesson 3 maths

year 3 lesson 3 answers

year 3 lesson 3 maths

Project:  I know that you have had some amazing ideas for your own sports event.  Today, I would like you to design your own sports uniform (strip) or clothing that is needed for your sport.  You can make a logo that goes with it.  This link might help if you are struggling to draw people.  Design your sports kit    Sports people drawing templates

Reading:  There are three different levels of tasks in this reading activity – select one that you find suitable for your interests:  The subject is the Paralympians. Reading Task for Year 2 and 3  

I look forward to seeing your designs and ideas for new sports.

Stay happy!

Mrs Cooke