Past pupil Jack Viner & his incredible achievement

Every now again at Ruyton we get to hear about the successes of our past pupils. We always love to hear their journeys and know where their paths have taken them! Recently, Jack Viner (now 18!) has come to our attention due to his quite incredible achievements in his role for the Royal Navy. The reward he has received has been detailed below – we are all blown away by the story of the award and the bravery and determination Jack has shown in earning it whilst on a submarine. Jack – we are so very proud of you here at Ruyton and your story is in an inspiration to us all. 

The Molyneux Prize is named in honour of Lieutenant Commander Ian Molyneux, who was posthumously awarded the George Medal for sacrificing his life attempting to stop an armed shipmate running amok aboard HMS Astute in 2011.

The prize is awarded to the SSM streamed trainee who has displayed the qualities and ethos of the submarine karda and stood above the peers during initial training. This year the Molyneux prize is presented by Mrs Jill Molyneux, the wife of Lt Cdr Ian Molyneux.

This years winner of the Molyneux Prize is Able Seaman Jack Viner ex pupil at St John the Baptist Primary School.

Jack was nominated for this award during his shoreside period of submarine qualification and although the youngest on course, his desire and dedication to learning was impressive. Unfortunately Jack was taken ill (burst appendix), which resulted in his removal from the course half way through training. Upon recuperation (when he got better), he was eager to continue. Jack joined a new course and quickly settled with his new classmates. He was the first to step up and step forward and offer support to others and initiate study rooms. Jack stood head and shoulders above his peers. Throughout his training he has displayed courage, loyalty, discipline, integrity, and respect for others throughout.

He has since joined HMS Artful and his commitment to training has continued in abundance. Jack is an outstanding member of the submarine karda and an admiral winner of the Molyneux Prize.