Owl Class Home Learning 15.12.20

Good morning.  Here are today’s tasks:

*English – Today, spend some time continuing the Nativity narrative from the perspective of one of the animal characters as explained on yesterday’s post.  Remember, you can look at the PowerPoint to refresh your memory about the story.

*Maths – Complete the maths mystery posted yesterday or try to find the punchlines to the Christmas jokes below (there are 3 levels of difficulty for you to pick which one you want to do).


Or compete the fraction activities allocated on MyMaths.

*Reading – make sure that you are reading for at least 10 minutes per day.

*Times Table practice – log onto TTRockstars and spend at least 20 minutes improving your quick recall of times tables.

Record your work in the book sent home from school.  Please send copies/photos of your work to the admin email address.

Have a good day,

Mrs Hollis