It’s about time!

Rabbits are busy learning about time, how long things take, how clocks show times in different ways and having fun with time related games. time pic collage 001    In topic, we have been learning about the different food that Victorians ate, and how that is different to our diets.  The children wrote their own recipe books for Apple Dumplings, Trifle and Kedgeree – but nobody wanted to try rice, fish and fried eggs for their breakfast!

Everyone worked really hard on their Quest stories and they are now finished.  The children’s writing shows great imagination.

Next week we are continuing learning about Victorian food, treats and parties and as we approach Christmas we will be learning about the origins of our own Christmas traditions.  We will continue with Time as our maths topic and look at Roman Numeral clocks, digital clocks and other ways of showing time passing.

We are very excited to welcome a visitor to our school on Monday, Mr Davies is an Actor, storyteller and teacher who is coming to act as some Dickensian characters as we begin learning about Charles Dickens and his writing.  The children will become journalist for the morning and will be interviewing the characters for their newspaper report.  The Christmas tree is up in our Victorian Library looking very pretty indeed.Victorian Library 001