Indian Food Tasting

This week in Bumblebees we are learning all about India. Today the children tried some Indian food for their snack. They tried Poppadoms, Naan Bread, Vegetable Samosas, Pakoras and Coconut Milk. The children loved the taste of the food and most of them asked for seconds!

Lottie – ‘I liked the coconut milk, I will ask my mummy to get me some from the shop’
Tommy S – ‘I like coconut’
Laith – ‘I liked the big massive crisp because it was yummy yummy in my tummy’
Tommy M – ‘I didn’t like the food today because it was spicy’
James – ‘I liked the bread the best, it had raisins in it !’
Jasmine – ‘I liked all of it’
Cody – ‘I liked the bread because it was yummy’
Oakley – ‘I liked the Naan Bread and the Poppadoms because they tasted nice’
Nancy – ‘I ate the bread and the coconut milk, we have coconut milk at home’