School Councils

Each Council consists of two pupils from Hedgehog, Dragonfly and Owl Classes, a staff member and a school governor. Nominations and elections are held in September each year. There is a School Council notice board opposite the Library containing minutes and notices.

Teaching & Learning 

Mrs Farmer

Oscar (Year 2) Isaac (Year 2) ; Alice (Year 4) ; Amber A (Year 4) ; Andreas (Year 5) ; Max (Year 6)

What we do (by Max & Andreas):
In teaching and learning, we visit lessons and ask the children about their learning. Also we go around the school and review the quality of education. In our meetings, we talk about how we could improve our learning. In our meetings, we take notes of ideas that all the group come up with. Oscar told us, “I like how we go into other classes,” whilst Isaac said, “I like how we get to see other peoples work.” In Dargonflies, Alice said, ” I like sharing things in meetings,”, whilst Amber told us, “I like learning something new.” Finally, Andy reported: “I like when we do meetings and we take notes about what we need to do,” whilst Max said, “I like coming up with new ideas.”


Mrs Johnson & Mrs Dyke

Archie E (year 2) ; Otto (Year 2) ; India (Year 3) ; Millie (Year 3) Elliot (Year 5) ; Evan (year 5) Owl

What we do (by Elliot & Evan):

In the Eco-Team, we try make our school more friendly for the environment because we want to make our world a better place. We are very proud of our “Eco-flag Award” – have you seen it? This year we are doing things such as: teaching recycling skills, teaching about Fair Trade and we have even held a clothes swapping-event! 

We have regular meetings plus Eco club on a Friday (3:15 to 4:15 or 4:30).

Healthy Helpers 

Mrs Hollis

Archie (Year 1) ; Isaac (Year 2) . Elsie (Year 4) ; Lottie (Year 3) ; Ella (Year 5) ; Lowri (Year 6) .

What we do (by Lowri & Ella):

As healthy helpers, we strive to make the school a healthy, safe place for all students and teachers. We hope to serve healthy food with our skillful cook, Paula, keep everything strong, and safe for our pupils to use. This year we have focused on our school ground safety, where we check all the classes, checking perhaps for unstable shelves or rough edges on cabinets. Outside we check the fences around the perimeter of our school field and playground are stable. We also check our climbing frame, in case any knobs are loose, as well as the goal posts on the school field. We check any areas that might cause harm to children.

We recently held a meeting with Ian Bartlett (Crime Prevention Officer) and are delighted to announce that we have been re-awarded the Safer School Award.

Here is a message from Ian Bartlett:

‘Congratulations to St John the Baptist CE Primary School on maintaining the Safer School accreditation. The school was accredited a Safer School in 2004 and recently, Mrs Hollis with the support of Mrs Ball, held a Safer School meeting to update the school’s involvement in the security/safety initiative. The virtual meeting went well and I was impressed by the hard work of the school in preparation for the meeting. The Police normally attend the meeting but on this occasion, they had to forward their apologies. With the assistance of staff and governors, we reviewed security/safety measures, including the recent security improvements (fencing and entrance lobby) and we reviewed the incident reporting process. Fortunately, there had been no incidents since 2019 – excellent news. An essential element of the initiative involves communication and the parent/carer and pupil survey results were reassuring. It was a really positive meeting and it concluded with the school receiving an updated Safer School certificate. A future meeting will be planned for 2023.’

Fun & Games 

Miss Whittingham

Liz (Year 1) ; Charlie (Year 3) ; Amelia (Year 4) ; Toby (Year 6) ; Harrison (Year 5) ;

What we do (by Toby & Harrison):

In the Fun & Games Team, we have great fun planning fundraisers to make money for charity. We have organised lots of competitions and events already! We have all enjoyed the events and they all continue to bring a smile to our faces. So far: Red Nose Day Bake Sale,  World Book Day, Children in Need, Pancake Flipping! All of the money we raise goes to good causes which we choose.


Mrs Ball

Sebastian (Year 1) Ruby (Year 1) ; Lily (Year 3) ; Skyler (Year 3) Matthew (Year 6) ; Arthur (Year 5) 

What we do (by Matthew & Arthur):

Recently, the Worship Council have been making sure each pupil gets to help-out in Worship every day; we have asked each class what we can improve on, in worship and much more. We have also changed the School Vision so that all children can understand it a little better – this has taken some thinking about! The Worship Council also run Friday Worship and then hand out awards to those who have earned them.