forwebweb_img_0872We are very proud of the smart children at our school. We believe that their attitudes and behaviour are exemplified by their pride in their school and the school uniform.  We often receive compliments from visitors and from people outside of school when our pupils are seen as fantastic ambassadors for our school values.

Our school uniform consists of

  • a royal blue jumper, cardigan or school sweat shirt
  • grey trousers, shorts or skirt / gym slip (skirts should not be too short or tight & during the Summer the girls may wear blue & white dresses)
  • royal blue or white t-shirt, shirt, polo-shirt or blouse
  • sensible shoes


Children are required to change for PE and should have plain blue shorts, royal blue t-shirts and plimsolls (KS1) or trainers (KS2). Ideally this should be kept in school all week, in a drawstring bag and hung on their pegs. (PE shorts and t-shirts with the school logo are available in School).

Children should be suitably dressed to take advantage of the activities offered in school and therefore clothing that is easily laundered is advisable and sensible flat sturdy footwear.
All clothing and belongings should be clearly labelled with your child’s name in waterproof marker or printed name labels. Children who arrive at school by car will need a coat in the winter months to wear during playtimes.


All uniform can be purchased through the school shop (details below) who are based in Shrewsbury but offer an number of easy and convenient methods of purchasing and collection to parents.

Jewellery & Valuables

Pupils should not wear jewellery, and only studs should be worn in pierced ears. In the interest of safety, these should be removed or covered for PE lessons.
We do not encourage children to bring toys or valuables into school as we cannot be held responsible for their safe keeping. Such items can be easily broken or lost in the busy school environment. When teachers request books or items of interest to be brought into school, usually linked to a curriculum area being studied, every possible care is taken. We have a large variety of toys for the children to play with at breaktimes.

Buying Uniform

You can find out more about buying uniform on the uniform shop page of our Parents’ Area:

Uniform Shop