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We are very proud of the provision of PE and sport in our school having achieved our third consecutive Gold Award via the School Games Initiative. Please see the Sports News page for all our latest achievements.

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Physical Education Vision Statement

At our school we recognise the positive outcomes that a high-quality PE and school sport curriculum can achieve in all personal, social, cognitive and physical aspects of a child’s development and well-being. We strive for teaching and learning of PE that promotes confidence, participation, progress and performance in a safe and supportive environment. We aim to embed a culture of PE and school sport participation, enjoyment, academic achievement, and understanding of health and well-being of our pupils that they continue to follow beyond our school. Our PE curriculum is inclusive and we ensure that pupils of all abilities access the range of activities we offer and that they are physically active for sustained periods of time in order to encourage them to lead healthy, active lives. Our school sport programme offers a balance of individual, team, co-operative and competitive activities, including intra and inter- school competitions and opportunities for leadership and officiating. Positive values of sports are integrated into the school ethos such as fairness and respect, but also our School Values including perseverance, trust and friendship.

PE Curriculum

We aim to develop agility, physical co-ordination, confidence and enjoyment through a range of physical activities. All classes participate in two one-hour PE sessions a week which include gymnastics, dance, games, swimming and outdoor athletic activity. One hour of this provision is taught by specialist sports coaches.

Pupils are introduced to simplified forms of team games from the beginning of KS2. By the end of KS2 all have the opportunity both in curriculum time and clubs to play football, netball, hockey, rounders plus several other activities. Local matches and tournaments are arranged frequently out of school hours at venues across North Shropshire as competitive sport is highly regarded at St John’s, supporting the development of our sports and school values.

All children get the opportunity to go swimming at Oswestry School during the Summer term. Qualified swimming teachers enable teaching to take place in small groups where the teaching staff have qualified ASA swimming teachers’ status.

National Curriculum aims:

  • Pupils have the ability to be physically active for sustained periods of time.
  • Pupils to be able to engage in competitive sports and activities.
  • Pupils to be supported to lead healthy and active lifestyles.
  • Competent pupils are able to excel in a broad range of physical activities.

Sport/PE Funding