Using the framework of the National Curriculum, we encourage the children to acquire knowledge, skills and understanding of mathematical ideas through practical work, tackling problems and using physical materials.
Most maths teaching is taught daily, separately from other curriculum areas. There is an emphasis on mental maths skills and each lesson includes pupils being involved in mental maths activities. The children learn to apply their maths to the solution of a range of real life situations and to problems drawn from other areas of the curriculum. We provide opportunities for them to apply their number skills and make judgements by measuring, weighing, making and interpreting graphs, working with shape, resolving problems and thinking logically. Where possible, mathematical skills are incorporated into the termly topic and provide the children with exciting and challenging investigations, thereby increasing motivation and promoting a positive attitude towards maths.
In addition, we have planned a structured scheme for the development of basic number concepts throughout the key stages. The use of maths games also helps to promote maths as an enjoyable subject.