Home Learning 20.10.20

Good morning,

This week is assessment week in school so I have uploaded some activities from The National Oak Academy for English and revision of previous units for maths.

Here are your tasks for today:

*English – Using the link below, find Tuesday’s English lesson for Year 5.  It is called ‘To investigate homophones’.  Follow the instructions in the lesson to work through the teaching video and the related activity.


*Maths – today is an activity to revise addition and subtraction. Take a look at the attached PowerPoint and then complete the worksheets for your year group.  Remember that you only need to complete one level for each area – VF (varied fluency) and RPS (reasoning and problem solving).  Choose whichever level you feel most confident with – developing, expected or greater depth. Mark using the answers at the back of the packs.






*Reading – make sure that you are reading for at least 10 minutes per day.


*Science – Have a look at the link below and work through some of the light activities as a way of finishing off our topic and seeing what you have learnt.


Record your work in the book sent home from school.  Please send copies/photos of your work to the admin email address.

Have a good day,

Mrs Hollis