Home Learning 13.10.20

Good morning, here are your tasks for today:

*English – Today, we are going to write a description of the scene from yesterday’s section of text where Lydia’s mother was sewing a star onto Lydia’s coat.  In your description, you need to get a balance of action, description and speech.  Take a look at the attached model.  In this, I have tried to use some speech sandwiches!  These aren’t snacks but follows this pattern – speaker 1 speaks, speaker 1 does something, speaker 2 does something, something happens in the background, speaker 2 speaks.  See if you can spot each of these elements in my model then have a go at writing your own.

Scene writing model 13.10.20

*Maths – Take a look at the attached PowerPoint on multiplication.  It is aimed at Year 5 as it is a revision of short multiplication as it may have been a while since we looked at it together.  When you have worked through the PowerPoint, have ago at the worksheet you feel most confident with i.e. Expected, completing both the VF (varied fluency) and RPS (reasoning and problem solving) for your chosen level.





*Science – This week, we are finished off our work started last week on how we see things.  Last week, we looked at the PowerPoint on the eye and labelled the different parts.  The PowerPoint is below if you need to refresh your memory.


Today, we are having a go at making a pinhole camera using the link to the site below.


Next, we will be writing an explanation on how the eye works using the key names and information from the PowerPoint.

*Reading – make sure that you are reading for at least 10 minutes per day.

Record your work in the book sent home from school.  Please send copies/photos of your work to the admin email address.

Have a good day,

Mrs Hollis