Hedgehog spellings 7th January 2021

Hello Hedgehogs

Your spellings for the week are at the bottom of this page. You can use the sheet provided to practise your words, but don’t forget that you can have fun learning the words at home too. Here are a few ideas…

• Pairs: Create a double set of the words your child is finding tricky. Pick up two cards at a time until they find a pair. Can they verbally spell it out to you?

• Flip, Read, Letters and Write: Your child can learn their spellings in 4 quick steps. Have the child flip over a card, read it, spell out the letters and then write it down.

• Trace, Copy, Recall: Fold a piece of paper into three columns and label them trace, copy and recall. Write the word in the first column and have your child trace it. Next, get them to copy the word in the next column by looking back at the letters. Finally, get them to fold and hide the first two columns and practise writing the word in the final column.

• Pocket Cards: Make small cards to keep in your pocket or bag and when you are walking to school, making breakfast or sitting in the park ask your child to spell the words to you.

• Spelling Word Race: Create two teams with a player from each team taking the ‘pen’ at a time. Someone calls out the word and the two players race to write the word first.

• Spelling Puzzle: Make a home-made puzzle by writing the words in large on a piece of card. Get your child to cut it up and then can they piece it back together again?

• Stairs: Write the words as if they are stairs, adding one letter each time: S, Sp, Spe, Spel, Spell

• Chalk: If you have any chalk (and don’t mind getting your patio or the pavement a bit messy) get your child to write the words on the ground and then the rain will wash it away.

• Water Paint: Use water and a paintbrush to water paint the spelling words. On a sunny day the words disappear quickly so they need to paint fast! With a computer or tablet:

• Type it out: Open up a document to type on. Call out the word for your child to spell. They can then play around with the word; increase the font size, change the colour etc.

• Voice record: Using a recording device have your child spell out the word and get them to listen back.

CAN group – CAN 7.1.21

SHOULD group – SHOULD 7.1.21

COULD group – COULD 7.1.21