Hedgehogs home learning – week beginning 16th November 2020

Hello to the Hedgehog children who are working at home at the moment. Please find all of your activities and tasks for the week below.

As always, if you have any questions or need anything to help you carry out the activities, please contact school and we will try to help.

Have a lovely week,

Mrs Johnson


Our theme on The Three Little Pigs continues this week, and we are focusing more on the wolf.

Monday – Look at pictures of wolves on the internet or in story books. What are they like? Create your own picture of a wolf using paint, collage or playdough.

Tuesday – Today your writing is based on our RE work – please see the RE section further down the page.

Wednesday – What do you think of the wolf in the story? Make up a whole ‘life’ for him! What is his name? Where does he live and with who? What are their names? What does the wolf do all day? What makes him happy and sad? Write your ideas in sentences in your book.

Thursday – Take some photographs of a toy pig or a paper picture of a pig in different places around your home and garden. Write a caption for each photo using positional language to describe where the pig is. For example…

The pig is on the box.

The pig is up on the roof.

The pig is inside the bag.

Friday – What do you think the character traits of each pig and the wolf are? Draw each character and write their traits around each picture. You might say that one of the pigs is lazy, in a hurry, daft..another pig might be clever, hard working, careful…the wolf might be greedy, sly and cunning.


Please begin each day by watching the video, and then doing the related worksheet.

Monday’s video is here https://vimeo.com/476287832 and your worksheet is here 16th Nov maths

Tuesday video is here  https://vimeo.com/477200613 and your worksheet is here 17th Nov maths

Wednesday video is here https://vimeo.com/476288716 and your worksheet is here 18th Nov maths

Thursday video is here https://vimeo.com/476289396 and your worksheet is here 19th Nov maths

Friday video is here https://vimeo.com/477201436 and your worksheet is here 20th Nov maths

RE (Tuesday’s writing activity)

As Christmas approaches, we are beginning to think about the Nativity.

What do you already know about the meaning of the Nativity? Draw a picture to show the main characters and events in the Nativity. What are Christians celebrating when they remember this special time? Can you write about the meaning of Christmas around your picture? Don;t forget to include the three most important people – Mary, Joseph and Jesus.


How do we care for our teeth? For your homework this week you are thinking about how to clean your teeth properly. Can you draw and write some instructions to tell someone at home how to clean their teeth correctly? You might like to watch the video that accompanied your homework (published on the website today) as a reminder of what to do and in which order.

Caring for your teeth 16th November 2020

Design Technology

Our focus on healthy eating continues…

Open a tin of fruit salad. If you can, compare this to one or two different brands of fruit saladWhat different fruits are inside? How many are there of each fruit in the tins? Does one brand have more fruit than others? More of one type of fruit? How can you show what you found out?


Please watch the new Letters and Sounds video which is published on YouTube every morning. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCP_FbjYUP_UtldV2K_-niWw/videos


Please carry out one activity per day.

Reading activity 1

Reading activity 2

Reading activity 3&4

Reading activity 5


CAN 19.11.20

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