Eco-Schools Award

4CB3B09A-7DB7-497F-BE3C-63C7D5484AD5We have recently been awarded the coveted Green Flag Award as part of our Eco-Schools work.

The school Eco-Committee spent many weeks before lockdown looking at the ten topics which form the award – Biodiversity, Energy, Global Citizenship, Healthy Living, Litter, Marine, Schools Grounds, Transport, Waste and Water. For each of these topics the children on the committee had to review what our school does well, and identify areas for improvement.

The committee then wrote an action plan together and began working through the points for development together and with the rest of the school. They collected evidence of this work as they went along, a mix of photographs, work done in classes and theme and topic day evidence.

Coronavirus put a stop to our final assessment visit, but the Eco-Schools organisation looked in depth at what we had done and all of our action plans, meeting minutes, evidence and findings, and decided that our school met all the assessment criteria. We passed the virtual assessment with flying colours!

A huge well done to everyone. You will spot our Green Flag flying proudly at the front of school very soon!