Dragonfly Class Homework 21.10.21

Poetry Homework

This week, we are looking at poetry during our English sessions and your homework is to choose one of the following ideas:

1) Find a poem (on any topic) that you like and practise reading it aloud.  You could then perform it, perhaps adding actions to it.  We would love to see these if you are feeling brave enough to film it and send it in.

2) Write your own poem on the topic of your choice (we have been looking at Autumn and Winter in school so perhaps you could write one about Spring or Summer).

3) Find a poem (on any topic) and write it out in your neatest handwriting.  Then add some decoration/illustrations to it.

4) Find a poem (on any topic) and explain why you like it.  Can you also comment on any poetic features that the poet has used e.g. alliteration, rhyming words, similes?

Please bring in/email/upload (onto TEAMS) your homework by Wednesday 3rd November.

Any queries, please contact either Mrs Hollis or Miss Horton.