Dragonfly Class Homework 16.9.21

Dragonfly Class Homework 16.9.21

This week’s task is all about the troll characters that we designed in English earlier in the week.  We would like you to create a model or picture of your troll.  You can use anything you like for your artwork but here are some ideas.  You could:

*use recycled material such as cardboard boxes, tubes etc

*make a collage picture using lots of different materials/types of paper

*paint a picture of your troll

*use a drawing programme on a tablet/computer

*make a model using Lego

These are just a few ideas but feel free to get creative!

Please either bring in your picture/model (only if you don’t mind it being left in school for a while) or send in a photo (email either Mrs Hollis or Miss Horton) by Wednesday 22nd September.

Good luck!