Congratulations Year 6 – class of 2020!

Well Year 6, you knew we would have to have the last word today!  What an amazing group you are; we were proud of you before but now you have made us prouder still.  We loved seeing you and hearing your fantastic speeches; you did us, your families and yourselves proud.

We also wanted to share and celebrate our award winners too.  You are all winners in our eyes and anyone of you could have had our awards but to those that did receive an award, congratulations.

*Thank you and well done to our Librarians:  Noah, Emma, Grace, Elsa, Dan, Maurice, Lily F and Lily S.  You have kept our Library buzzing with fun for our Key Stage 1 children; they will really miss your sessions.

*Well done to our recorder players: Elsa, Lily S, Laila, Dom and Mya.  It has been a pleasure to hear you play during worship.

*Congratulations to our art award winners Lily and Jack.  You have such creative talents and it has been a pleasure to share these gifts with you.  We hope you continue to develop these talents as you move onto secondary school.

*Congratulations to our PE/sportsperson of the year, Rory.  You are not only an able sportsperson but you are also a fantastic team player and supporter of your team mates.  You have made Miss Whit and all of your teachers so proud over the years.  Thank you for being such a fantastic ambassador for sport.

*Congratulations to our footballers of the year, Sam and Elizabeth.  Miss Whit has been thrilled with the way that you both perform on and off the pitch as players and supporters of each other.  You are both such brilliant ambassadors for sport in our school.

*Congratulations to Grace for winning the ‘Mick Berry Voice of the child’ award.  Here is one of the many reasons why you won it.  “Grace always has excellent ideas and organisational skills.  She took on the responsibility of writing minutes for our meetings and ensured that everyone knew what they had to do.”  Well done Grace; we have always been able to rely on you thinking of others and know that this will always be a strength of yours.


*Congratulations to Chloe for winning the ‘Toni Inman ward for perseverance and determination’.  Here is one of the reasons why: “Chloe approaches all aspects of her learning with a smile and doesn’t give up.”  Well done Chloe; it has been a pleasure to watch you flourish throughout your time in school.  No doubt, you will continue to blossom at The Corbet.


*Congratulations to our joint winners of the ‘John Roe maths award’, Dan and David.  Here is why: “Daniel totally transformed his attitude to maths adopting a ‘have-a-go’ approach and then conquered challenges like the times tables grid.” And, David, “From the moment he joined our school, he has worked so hard to achieve every goal, working particularly hard out of school.”  Well done to both of you for working so hard and demonstrating such positive attitudes.


*Congratulations to Lily S for winning our ‘Andrew Radford Music’ award.  You are such a gifted musician across so many instruments Lily!  What a pleasure it has been to share this talent with you throughout your time at school.

*Congratulations to Henry for winning our ‘Overall Achievement’ award.  Here are a few of the many reasons why, “Henry is always up for a challenge and gives every task his all.”  And, “Henry always strives to share his enthusiasm throughout the school and all aspects of his learning.”  A well deserved award Henry; you have made us so proud in so many ways from your lunchtime maths club to team trees!  Keep it up; we know you will.


*Congratulations to Lily S for her ‘School Ambassador’ award.  Here are just a few of the reasons, “She is kind, considerate and always working hard in and out of the classroom,” and “Lily is well mannered and looks after the younger pupils well.”  Well done Lily; it is so lovely to see you recognised for your consistent positive attitude and your thoughtfulness of others.  We know you will continue this as you move onto secondary school.

So to all of you, it is time to say goodbye but we hope not forever.  We love to hear how you are getting on and remain immensely proud of you.  Remember, you will always be a part of St John the Baptist School class of 2020.

And to all the parents, carers and family members, thank you for all of your support throughout your child’s time with us.


Have a wonderful holiday,

Mrs Hollis and Mrs Henney


P.S  from Hrs Hollis – They made me have my photo taken!